Are you or someone you know lost? Please call 911.

We sometimes receive phone calls through this site to report people who are missing, but if someone is lost, the very best thing that person can do is call 911. This will allow the authorities to locate them (or at least get close) based on their cell phone signal. In Maine, the 911 dispatch centers do also have texting capabilities. Texting can be a good solution when you have a low signal or low battery situation. Please note that MASAR teams cannot deploy based on a request from a family member or lost person calling for help; we must be dispatched through the agency having jurisdiction.

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Maine Association for SAR

550 Old County Road 
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Tel: 207-951-0526

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2020-2021 Officers:

President: Sharon Kenney - Maine Mounted SAR

Vice President: Steve Hudson - Mount Desert Island SAR

Secretary: Bob Young - Maine Search and Rescue Dogs
Treasurer: Nancy Weeks - Maine Mounted SAR

2020-2021 Directors:

Bob Young - Maine Search and Rescue Dogs

Melissa Shea - Franklin SAR / Maine SAR Dogs
Bryan Courtois - Pine Tree SAR
Mat Lint - Dirigo SAR 
Steve Hudson - Mount Desert Island SAR
Joe Poulin - Wilderness Rescue Team
Nancy Weeks - Maine Mounted SAR

2020-2021 Appointed Officers:

Standards Committee Chairman: Steve Hudson (Mount Desert Island SAR)

Resources Manager: Ed Pontbriand (Maine SAR Dogs / Wilderness Rescue Team)

Education Director: Bryan Courtois (Pine Tree SAR)

Public Relations Director: Sharon Kenney (Maine Mounted SAR)

Outreach Activities Manager: Ashley Norman (Maine Mounted SAR)