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How to Join a SAR Unit/Team

We're so glad you've decided to find out about becoming involved in search and rescue. Our teams are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. Qualified, certified, professional volunteers are the heart of Search and Rescue because the agency requesting aid needs to know their volunteer personnel won't divert resources by themselves getting lost or needing medical attention.


That's where MASAR comes in. Among many other things, MASAR provides a professional volunteer dispatching service for the Maine Warden Service, Acadia National Park, Baxter State Park, and Maine Marine Patrol. Other local/state/federal agencies may request MASAR resources but must do so via one of the 4 agencies mentioned above. 


MASAR currently has 15 certified units for people to choose from if they want to become involved. Many of these units have web pages or a presence on Facebook for you to look at. The different units and their points of contact are listed in the table below. 


This website's other pages have lots of really good resources to read through. The Bylaws/Policies page in particular will show you the training/certification requirements. Once you've read through those, contact the teams you're interested in for more information or to ask your questions. If you need help choosing the right team, or if you have any other questions such as a request for an information table at your event, please feel free to contact us.

To view contact information in the table below,
scroll to the right within the table.

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