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GAIA GPS: Best Uses

Saturday 5/20


Main Lodge (Jewel Hall)


Rick Papetti (PTSAR)


Richard “Rick” Papetti is a Registered Maine Guide, and MASAR Certified Search Team Member with Pine Tree SAR. He maintains his WFR Wilderness First Responder certification. Rick’s guide work operates as Brunswick Outdoor Academy. Developing capacity for ‘Caring, Competency and Courage’ is the prime initiative. He developed his focus in navigation and earth study as an offshore short-handed racing sailor. He has a special interest in Maine’s precolonial history, especially as it relates to its islands. Experiencing our most special remote wilderness places is his shared passion.

Rick will offer one course: GAIA GPS: Best Uses

We will create several compelling map and navigation displays that are quickly attainable and actionable. We will look at ‘Map Layers’ as they come in both static and dynamic versions, and provide specific usable information for specialized activities. Such as SAR, through hiking, coastal ocean navigation, weather forecasting, using private and public lands, NatGeo maps, snow machine trails and deep woods 4WD routes. Specific benefits of the “GAIA Topo” layer will be discussed. The presenter has no affiliation of any kind with GAIA GPS or the Outside Company.

GAIA GPS: Best Uses
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