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Grid search practice and demo

Sunday 5/21


Cabin 8D


Joe Bradley (PTSAR, STL)


Joe joined PTSAR in 2015 after his experience searching for Jaden Dresma as a civilian volunteer. It was this search that gave Joe some insight about the process and left him feeling he had more to offer. Since joining PTSAR Joe has learned and been pushed to learn much more than he had experienced in the outdoors. Up until Joe’s joining PTSAR he was a self-taught outdoorsman, learning to navigate and survive in the backcountry of Alaska and many excursions into Baxter State Park. Joe loves the challenges of search and rescue and relish in the knowledge of his teammates. Joe believes to enjoy life to the fullest you must push yourself outside your comfort zone as often as those opportunities present themselves. SAR provides many opportunities to do just that.

Grid search practice and demo
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